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Kangana Breaks Her Silence Around The IIFA Controvery, Gives A Kickass Response To The Apologies Made By Saif Ali Khan

By Ashmita 22 Jul 2017

In light of the recent havoc that nepotism has been wreaking throughout not only Bollywood but all across social media and the internet, Kangna Ranaut’s response to Saif Ali Khan’s open letter is exactly the educated and intellectual response that most of you were probably hoping for.

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What's your trick to look good in the monsoon humidity


Tanvi Says
To go for some real good anti frizz hair products ...

Ashmita Says
Use non-oily products

Guest User Says
Use gel based cream and makeup. Keep wet tissues handy.

Sneha Says
Go for Sneakers instead of Flat to avoid muddy feet.

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